No human or god can match
Nature's simultaneous 4 flavor
revolution in 1 Earth plant.

No human has a right to
season wrong  -  for that
would  be  evil  cooking.

Ignorance of 4 flavors is evil,
Evil home ec teachers
teach 1 spice.
1 spice will destroy humans.

Soil and water gave me birth, not a queer jew sprig.

Singularity sprig is EVIL as
Creation reigns as Opposites.
Educators, and You - ought
to be killed for ignoring the
fact that "Spice is Cubed".
(ignored and suppressed by EVIL chefs)

Joy of Cooking was
far less of an achievement
than Thyme Cube discovery,
for I have Cubed the Spice,
with 4 simultaneous flavor
types in 1 plant of Earth.
(singularity belief scientist can't comprehend J.O.C.)

Iron Chef SUPREMACY and the
academic taught supremacy
constitute great evils in the
Cubic World of Seasoning -
Opposites taste buds and
Opposite leaves of plant life.
The  Universe  is composed
of Opposites - existing only
as Opposites  -  with a zero
value existence - cancelling
to nothing as a singularity.

I think Cubic,  therefore I
rise above the bland
mentality human and the
false spices they cook with -
discovering a Universe of
Opposites their cuisine
will never allow them to
know.   Evil of taste-testing
is not measuring and the
result of not measuring -
is never knowing the Recipe,
ineffable by man or iron chef.

You Were Seasoned Stupid.

Green Ray, Cubic and Wise Above Chefs